The estates are roughly 10 hectares, mainly in Rionero in Vulture, trainined with double cordon spur. The main grape variety is, no doubt, Aglianico, planted in 3 estates: one main 5-hectare vineyard surrounding the winery, two more estates on the slopes facing Melfi and a40-year old vineyard (1 hectare) placed few miles far from Monticchio Bagni. There is also a vineyard of the local white grape, Malvasia.

This area is featured by important altitudes (from 400 to 600mts a.s.l.) few rainshowers but crucial temperature ranges between day and night, with fresh nights in summer time and cold nights in winter time.

Soils are heterogeneous, from light tufaceous rocks- the most ancient are of pyroclastic origin - light grey to dark yellow stones, several pumices, sedimentary rocks (probably from Lower Pleistocene era) to dark grey/black rocks, dark tufaceous rocks in Rionero and Barile, up to grey, yellow, red sands, with layers of travertine with thick lapilli in Venosa.

It's crucial even the study of particle size, to realize the ratio between water and plant, the slopes, the altitudes and above all PH of soils, in order to balance the absorbing of nutrients.

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