Vulture is the homeland of the famous red wine Aglianico del Vulture, from the grape Aglianico, whose appellation has been DOC since 1971 and DOCG since 2011. That's in Basilicata, a small region of South Italy, surrounded by the Thyrrenian sea at South -West and by Ionian sea, at South East.

Vulture covers the area around the city of Potenza, over the mountain Vulture, a sleeping volcano, which has been active since the Upper Pleistocene era ( from 1,8 mln to 11,700 years ago). In spite the soil is mainly volcanic, from an area to another, from a town to another, there are plentynof differences, due to the several eruption eras, to the chemical changes of the magma and, consequently, to the type of rock, from the different volcanic activities ( either eruptive or effusive).

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